“Finding the right office to purchase or join can present challenges, stress, and often feels quite daunting. Fortunately, I had the privilege of working with Lisa as my trusted guide throughout this intricate process. Some actions she did exceptionally well were responding quickly to the questions I sent, setting clear expectations which helped me avoid frustration, and genuinely seeking the best opportunity for me individually. Lisa and the rest of her team at Radman, White, and Associates, demonstrate an exceptional level of expertise and proficiency in their field. As an Endodontist myself, I believe their exclusive specialization in Endodontic offices adds tremendous value to their services. With utmost confidence, I wholeheartedly endorse their services to anyone seeking assistance in this realm.  Dr. Robert Hale – Texas (Purchaser)

“Radman White handled all the marketing as well as all communications and negotiations with the buyer(s).  They had all the needed paperwork and contracts ready to go so I could focus on running the practice.”  Dr. Michael Smith – Michigan (Seller)

“I first met Lisa when I was in residency and I reached out to her for an opportunity to buy a practice in my area after a few years of working as an associate. She responded to me quickly and gave me a clear picture of the market. At first, it didn’t seem like anything was available in my area, but less than a month later there was a great opportunity available and I ended up buying it. Now, I’m very happy with the purchase and thankful for the help from Radman, White & Associates. The process was smooth from start to finish and I would definitely recommend them to anyone!”  Dr. Kyle Countryman – Texas (Purchaser)

“It is always a pleasure working with Radman, White and Associates.  You are very thorough, professional, knowledgeable and responsive to your clients.”  Dr. David Norrington – Georgia (Purchaser and Seller)

“Lisa and her staff were amazing to work with!  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell their endodontic practice!”  Dr. Michael Hembrough and Dr. Jeff Halvorson – Michigan (Sellers)

“I appreciate the time that was taken to assist in finding the right practice to purchase.  The pros and cons of each practice for my situation were shared but I never felt pressured to just buy any practice I expressed an interest in.”  Dr. Michael Pham – California (Purchaser)

From my initial interview with Lisa to the closing, it was all flawless. Lisa and her team will help you navigate through all the intricate steps essential for a successful outcome. My endodontic practice of 36 years, with state-of-the-art technology needed the best in the country. Lisa and her team made it all happen. Their professionalism and experience are unrivaled. They are simply the best specialists in the field of endodontic practices.”  Dr. Ed Hubard – Florida (Seller)

“Lisa helped me with the purchase of an endodontic practice.  She is honest, experienced, and reliable.  There is no one else I would trust more than Lisa to appraise and transition an endodontic practice.”  Dr. J.T. Crepps – Montana (Purchaser)

“I am absolutely impressed at the level of service, honesty, and expertise Lisa and her associates showed me during the transition process.  I knew going in selling my practice would be a challenge but Lisa came through, far exceeding my expectations.  Other brokers implied a sale would be nearly impossible but Lisa promised she could get it done and she did! As a specialist in endodontic practice transitions Radman, White and Associates are the perfect choice if you’re looking sell or buy an endo practice.”  Dr. Marshall Gomes – California (Seller)

“Thank you for all of your support during the transition, despite the fact that we were (technically) not your clients.”  Dr. Arash Niazi – Washington (Purchaser)

“Selling a practice these days requires as much help as you can get, and locating that special buyer is just that much more of a challenge. After locating that person, all the details of transitioning went super smoothly. They truly know what they were doing!!”  Dr. James Allen – Michigan (Seller)

“Thank you for all your efforts in my practice sale.  At all times you were courteous, honest, and very helpful.”  Dr. Erol Apaydin – California (Seller)

“I called Radman, White and Associates after I was approached by someone who was interested in purchasing my practice.  I had no idea about how to make this happen as there is really quite a lot involved.  Lisa was there to help and advise.  Right off the bat, it was evident that she knew what she was doing.  Throughout the entire process they were able to guide us.  There were a lot of hurdles to overcome and questions to be answered but they were there every step of the way.  They have of course been there many times before.  My advice to anyone considering selling a practice is to realize that you, Doctor, do root canals, let the professionals handle the sale of your practice.  I did and it was an amazing and gratifying experience.”  Dr. Dan Lavitt – Missouri (Seller)

“Radman White sold the practice in one of the most difficult times to sell a practice (Covid). They have a national reach for prospective buyers even though a local prospect buyer purchased the practice. They are extremely well organized. The transition ended up being easier, quicker and far more successful than I expected for both the purchaser and me.” Dr. Robert Kane — Arizona (Seller)

“Lisa and the team at Radman, White & Associates understand the ins and outs of the endodontic specialty and are uniquely positioned to assist doctors with finding the right practice for them.  They consider multiple aspects of the sale and are not just trying to rush doctors into a purchase.  They are available to help with every step and Lisa always makes time to answer questions.” Dr. Anas Fatayer – Ohio (Purchaser)

“Unfortunately, I picked a tough time to put my practice on the market.  You guys were great throughout the process.  This took the buyer quite some time to complete the negotiations but I felt very well represented by Radman, White and Associates.  Dr. Phillip Waterman – California (Seller)

“RW&A’s knowledge and experience directed a hitch-free transaction. From the detailed practice valuation to the many laid-back, informative conversations, Keith proved to be a highly effective rudder throughout the whole process. While both we and our buyer were highly motivated, the expertise that RW&A provided facilitated the transition to the satisfaction of both parties. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.” Drs. Kristen L. Beling & William J. Dougherty, Jr. – Nevada (Sellers)

“Radman, White & Associates gave us the pertinent advice, looked for the appropriate candidate for the transition and walked us through the transition period. I am happily retired with a smooth transition thanks to the diligent, professional and enthusiastic advice from Lisa throughout the process. It is my privilege to recommend Radman, White to anyone who is in a similar situation. ” Dr. Adali Velez – Texas (Seller)

“It has been a pleasure working with Lisa. She facilitated the purchase process very smoothly and was available at any time to respond to any questions/concerns” Dr. Karen Lovato – New Mexico (Purchaser)

“It was my pleasure to work with Lisa and I am very pleased with the outcome.  Lisa is very professional and knowledgeable with excellent communication skills.  It is my privilege to recommend her and Radman White.”  Dr. Amir Fesharaki – California (Seller)

“You were incredibly attentive and understanding in a complex transaction. The communication was excellent.” Dr. Craig Anderson – California (Purchaser)

“Craig is an excellent fit for the practice, and for that, I can’t really thank you enough for bringing him to me. I so appreciate your years of client development that results in this kind of match. I will be forever grateful for your help and counsel during this unfamiliar time.” Dr. James Abbott – California (Seller)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Radman White as both a purchaser and a seller. In both transactions, I was extremely impressed by their knowledge and experience of endodontic transitions. They went above and beyond to ensure they understood our goals and vision when buying and selling. Their commitment and work ethic exceeded our expectations and sets them apart from any other transition firm out there. I give Radman White my highest recommendation!” Dr. Robert Wiesen – Washington (Purchaser and Seller)

“I appreciated how ethical the process was, both in selling and purchasing. Radman, White and Associates are honest and fair with all parties involved.” Dr. Mark Tingey – Nevada and Michigan (Seller and Purchaser)

“After contemplating retirement for several years I decided to contract Radman, White for advice. It was the best decision I could have made. The entire process took half the time anticipated and was much less stressful with Keith skillfully managing all the issues that come with selling a practice” Dr. Norman Sawyers – Texas (Seller)

“I wanted a broker who could find the best match for my endodontic practice transition. I wanted a broker who is connected and visible in the endodontic community. Lisa Radman White was an obvious choice. She has been an endodontic practice broker/transition specialist for many years and is in touch with many prospective candidates. Lisa is personable, provides individualized attention and responsive. Her team also includes a CPA and lawyer. When accounting or legal questions came up, she was able to resolve these issues quickly. I highly recommend Radman, White and Associates. I have no doubt my transition went smoothly because of their expertise. Experience matters!” Dr. Edward Lee – California (Seller)

“It was truly a pleasure to work with you and your staff; always pleasant and prompt to reply to any questions or requests. You anticipate any complications or regulations that might have derailed or delayed our desire to transfer the practice. Dr. Lingard (Purchaser) is equally satisfied.” Dr. Jack Newman – Nevada (Seller)

“Radman White are very professional making the selling of the practice smooth. The analysis of my practice was done carefully giving me a fair appraisal. The advice given along the way was extremely helpful. They found several great candidates for the sale. The transition of retiring was much easier than anticipated. Dr. Doug Schippers – Michigan (Seller)

“We appreciate the professionalism and confidentiality afforded us by Radman, White and Associates. Your assistance and guidance in drawing up contracts, lease agreements, etc. was most helpful. We are very pleased with the person you found to purchase our practice and would highly recommend your company to other Endodontists.” Dr. Larry Gartman – Arkansas (Seller)

“I was in an extreme time crunch and they worked quickly to make this transition happen.” Dr. Candice Perry – Arkansas (Purchaser)

“The transition model and structure provided was on target with our busy schedule.  All of our detailed needs were attended.  RWA provided excellent coaching and direction.”  Dr. Kenneth Parks – Louisiana (Seller)

“Very thorough with paperwork regarding transition. My attorney was very impressed. On top of communication with bank and seller to make sure everything was in place for the transition.” Dr. Duane Van Nieuwenhuyzen – Iowa (Purchaser)

“Being able to rely on Lisa for all of the legal and administrative details of selling a practice saved me an abundance of time, worry and sleep. Her team acted quickly and professionally throughout the process.” Dr. Gary Eggleston – Iowa (Seller)

“I appreciated you doing all the negotiating for me with my associate.  Also having all the documents prepared was a huge help as well as answering many, many questions along the way.  Thanks a bunch!”  Dr. David Fife – Nevada (Seller)

“No possible way I could ever have made this transition without Lisa! She made a very difficult process seem smooth and easy. I’m so grateful for the guidance and help that she offered every step of the way. Thank you!” Dr. Nathan C Dewsnup – Florida (Purchaser)

“I wasn’t sure my practice could be transitioned, but not only did Radman, White get it sold, they exceeded my expectations. Cheap is rarely good; value your outcome. Hiring them to transition my practice was the best decision. Dr. Donald Lemire – Florida (Seller)

“I found your contact list of hundreds of potential buyers to be especially valuable. . . . I have referred you to many others that are considering selling their practices. Thanks to your help, I was able to find a fantastic endodontist to take over my practice.” Dr. Douglas Luiten – Alaska (Seller)

“There is no other firm I would have trusted with the sale of my practice. Professional, accurate and on time. Radman, White and Associates is the real deal.” Dr. Richard Mounce – South Dakota (Seller)

“The buyer and I have an excellent relationship. Initially we thought it would be easy to execute this transition on our own. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Keith’s expert input and guidance was invaluable. We relied on him heavily and he always exceeded our expectations with promptness.” Dr. Scott Dickson – Montana (Seller)

“There is a lot more to a practice transition than I had originally anticipated. RWA was an invaluable resource to me personally throughout the entire process. As you are well aware this is probably the first and only time many Dr’s are transitioning and the step by step guides and frequently checking on them is very helpful to stay on task. Thank You!” Dr. Verne Reed – Montana (Purchaser)

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Lisa and her staff.  I felt as though I was well informed, well advised, appropriately encouraged, and celebrated with as the sales process progressed.  As one might guess this is a REALLY BIG DEAL in the endodontic life cycle and the process was as smooth as I could have expected with an outcome beyond my expectations.  I am extremely grateful that I was able to work with Lisa and her staff.”  Dr. Jeri Rush – Nebraska (Seller)

“The best part was I always felt like I was your most important client. You truly are a professional woman who KNOWS her business. You are the best!!” Dr. Raymond Van Der Werf – Arizona (Seller)

“Lisa and her team are absolutely phenomenal. I don’t think the sale of my practice would have happened had it not been for Lisa’s experience, expertise, skill in handling every aspect of every situation presented and her incredible attention to detail.” Dr. Jenny Kopp – Illinois (Seller)

“Having fielded two unsolicited offers prior to my recent transition I will vouch for the value of Radman, White & Associates services. My two do it yourself transition attempts were costly in both time and money. I contacted Keith White for assistance and within weeks was introduced to the ideal match. The transition was effortless relative to my prior experiences and resulted in a multiple win situation for the community, my referring dentists, the practice, the purchaser and myself.” Dr. Robert Panther – North Dakota (Seller)

“I’m very impressed with the services that were provided. Keith took a lot of stress out of the process. I feel like I was listened to when I expressed the type of practice I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier than where we ended up.” Dr. Peter Mecham – North Dakota (Purchaser)

“Thank you Lisa and Keith for such an easy transition. You guys are the match makers of endo transitions! Not only was the process easy, but Dr. Yoon is a wonderful match to the practice!” Dr. Sunia Lessing – Maryland (Seller)

“As advertised! I was very pleased with Lisa and her negotiation style. She brought buyer and seller together and tried to make sure we could come to a fair and honest agreement. Lisa was also very courteous and accessible to my lawyer, accountant, banker/lender officer. They said nothing but good things. Absolutely the best!” Dr. Tony Yoon – Maryland (Purchaser)

“My retirement was a significant decision in my life but your expertise in evaluation of my practice and locating a highly qualified individual to purchase the practice was impressive. You made my transition in to retirement a great experience.” Dr. Lee Beasley – Oklahoma (Seller)

“I wanted to thank you both for your help in my recent practice sale and purchase. I have no doubt that you are the only transition experts who could have gotten this done successfully and I will always be appreciative of your efforts. In addition to being trusted advisors, I consider you both my friends.” Dr. David Carter – Arizona and Ohio (Seller and Purchaser)

“Selling my practice seemed complicated and emotional. Keith and Lisa made a daunting process manageable. They kept me informed and positive each step of the way and there were no surprises. The smartest decision I made was to contact Radman, White and Associates when I wanted to transition from one practice to another. They had the knowledge and experience to make it happen in a professional and timely manner.” Dr. Quinton Miner – Texas (Seller)

“Radman and White have been my advisors throughout my endodontic career. Being the father of a special needs child I have had to relocate frequently for my daughter’s educational needs. Radman and White have assisted me in the buying and selling and then buying of another practice. Not only did they assist in the transactions of the purchases but were very helpful in finding the practice that suited my personality and personal needs.” Dr. Timothy Meyers – New Hampshire (Seller and Purchaser)

“I was very pleased with how everything was handled. I was very impressed with your knowledge and expertise, not only in the transition process, but in endodontic practice as well. You made the entire process pleasant.” Dr. Lee Fox – Texas (Seller)

“Thank you so much for helping me to purchase a nice dental practice. You are very professional and I am very happy with my new practice. Thank you!!! I truly enjoyed working with you.” Dr. Peter Ok – Georgia (Purchaser)

“Everyone I spoke with was friendly and knowledgeable. This entire process is pretty stressful and your entire staff was very upbeat and encouraging. You guys were great!” Dr. Jeremy Smith – Texas (Seller)

“I am very glad I chose to go with Keith White. He was always very responsive to my questions and requests. He was proactive and thought of all the little details. He was also very pleasant to work with. I could not have been more happy with his work!” Dr. Dennis McMahon – Minnesota (Seller)

“Thanks so much for the help and guidance you provided in our acquisition of an existing endodontic practice recently here in Michigan. As you know, it was not our first transaction but rather, our tenth location developed over many years. I must say that the knowledge and professionalism you exhibited in first bringing the opportunity to my attention, counseling me as the project progressed and finally closing the transaction under very challenging circumstances brought home to me the value of working with experienced professionals.” Dr. Gerald Dietz, Sr. – Michigan (Buyer)

“Your service was fantastic. Every situation that arose, you were able to manage with skill. I don’t think this sale would have happened without you.” Dr. Paul Krasner – Pennsylvania (Seller)

“The team was always gracious and rapidly delivered information when I needed it.” Dr. Jake Burry – Washington (Purchaser)

“Lisa and her team at Radman, White and Associates were extremely professional throughout my entire transition process. I feel the sale of my Endodontic practice was fair to both parties and I could not be more pleased.” Dr. Jeff Turner – Georgia (Seller)

“Your national scope of prospective buyers, particularly in light of my lower market location, was crucial to this sales process.” Dr. Robert Augsburger – Oklahoma (Seller)

“Radman White helped me locate a top notch associate and future partner. They guided us through the associateship, buy in and ultimately helped us form our operating partnership. They provided invaluable expertise every step of the way from the start of the process through closing and beyond.” Dr. Robert Saylor – Pennsylvania (Seller)

“You came through during critical moments to make the deal happen. There is no question in my mind the deal would never have taken place without your superb experience.” Dr. Robert Farber – New Jersey (Seller)

“Finding the“right” associate to join our practice was more difficult than I thought. Seeking the professional help of Radman White was the best thing I could have done! Not only did they find the perfect person for me, my staff and our referring doctors, but in less than a year we have evolved from associateship to partnership. The fit is perfect and we could not be happier. Thank you for all of your help.” Dr. Gary Moss – California (Seller)

“I recently sold my practice and was very pleased with the help I received from Radman, White and Associates. They broke down a seemingly overwhelming task into an organized group of actions. I appreciated their professionalism and the timeliness in which they responded throughout the process. I fully endorse their assistance for any endodontic transition.” Dr. Carolyn Koenig – Texas (Seller)

“After two years of working with other brokers, I called Radman and Associates to sell my endodontic practice. Not only were they the most professional team that I had contact with, but they had a contract for sale to me within a few weeks and closed the sale. They are professional in every sense and I am happy to recommend them highly based upon my pleasant experience.” Dr. Robert Willey – California (Seller)

“I thank you very, very much. You are a smooth and professional expert! I am and have been very pleased with all your work!” Dr. John Nelson – California (Seller)

“I can’t thank you enough for recognizing the value in my practice and for never giving up. I truly could not have done it without you – you have my highest recommendation, plus a friend for life.” Dr. Richard Rajacich, Minnesota (Seller)

“I just wish I hadn’t signed on with another firm before y’all. Thanks for getting it sold regardless of the situation.” Dr. Fred McMullen – Louisiana (Seller)

“It was a pleasure working with Radman White. You were always available to deal with my questions and concerns. You were always accessible and returned every one of my phone calls immediately. Furthermore, you even continued to help with issues even after your part of the process was over! Although circumstances were sometimes difficult, the transition was much easier with your guidance. I would highly recommend you for any transition needs.” Dr. Sumesh Potluri – Maryland (Purchaser)

“Bless you, you were so wonderful every step of the way. I appreciate you working on your family holiday and going multiple ‘extra miles’ for me. I am very grateful to you.” Dr. Anonymous – California (Seller)

“This is a miracle. We thought it would take at least 3-5 years to find someone to buy our practice given our location. Lisa had us a buyer in 9 months. But not just any“buyer”; we told Lisa the type of person we wanted. She listened intently to our needs and she met them.” Drs. Tim and Carol Rohde – Georgia (Seller)

“You made what could have been a very anxious and stressful process relatively easy. Everything was done in a timely order, instructions were clear and there were details I would not have thought of that were included and handled nicely.” Dr. Ramona Torgerson – Texas (Seller)

“Having Radman and Associates as a resource beginning with locating a great associate and then walking us through every step has proved invaluable to my transition experience from solo practice to partnership. There were many issues that could have become problematic had we not had Lisa and Keith helping us along the way. Having the knowledge of someone who has seen so many transitions definitely made for a smooth transition. I don’t think it would have been a success without them because there would have been too many surprises and too many questions that we could not answer alone. I would recommend Radman and Associates to any endodontist looking to form a partnership or associateship. I have been very happy with how they helped me during the transition and continue to be a critical resource for me in continuing to expand my practice. Thanks guys!!” Dr. Carla Webb – Mississippi (Seller and Consulting Client)

“The transition of this practice would not have occurred without the help of both Lisa and Keith. It was a pleasure having them work on this deal.” Dr. Robert Gear – Florida (Seller)

“The whole process flowed exceptionally well and any road blocks were handled in an expedient/professional manner.” Dr. Christopher Hahn – Colorado (Buyer)

“I found Radman, White and Co very easy to deal with in my recent practice purchase. I found their assessment of the practice to be fair, honest and an accurate representation of the practice. I was particularly impressed that when I contacted them that they knew me by name, knew the seller by name and did not have to“look up” the details that I was concerned with. This personal touch made a huge difference in my decision to proceed with the purchase of the practice feeling that I had a quality assessment done by a team that I could easily talk to.” Dr. Alan Wright – British Columbia (Purchaser)

“This deal would never have been done without you guys. Lisa, I can’t say enough about your professionalism, expertise, and desire to go the extra mile. Many Thanks! I would be happy to talk to any prospective clients.” Dr. James Morris – North Carolina (Seller)

“Things went well. Great service and I can highly recommend your company.” Dr. James Sanfilippo – California (Seller)

“You handled everything in a very professional manner and you were easy to deal with and always available.” Dr. Darmon Kuntz – Illinois (Seller)

“As a young professional I felt that all of you were patient with me. There was no aggression towards me. I felt very comfortable in making the best decision for myself. Negotiating was fair and benefitted both seller and purchaser. I also felt that every effort was made to answer repeated questions I had. There was never a moment that I felt you were annoyed due to my concerns and repetitiveness.” Dr. Roxene Gascoigne – New York (Purchaser)

“It was a pleasure to work with you and Keith. The process of selling the practice was extremely professional and seamless. What I mean by seamless, was the thoroughness in your approach, by not only having me fill out a lengthy survey, your trip personally to Rancho Mirage to see the practice first hand and your availability to my questions was extremely appreciated. I can’t say enough accolades about your team. Dr. Douglas Mellion – California (Seller)

“Over the years Radman, White has given me invaluable advice on transition issues for my practice. They are not just the gurus in this field, but are always available to help at a moment’s notice. I recommend that every endodontic practice place them at the top of their list of trusted advisors.” Dr. Lisa Germain – Louisiana

“Things are going great. Thank you so much for your involvement in the buy in. We couldn’t have asked for more. You made the whole process painless.” Dr. Michael Mauger – Alaska (Seller)

“I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work on our behalf. Getting out of endodontics when I did has really helped my neck situation. Those last few years of working were very hard on me and I am grateful to be able to take care of myself and to be able to enjoy my retirement.” Dr. John Warden – Oklahoma (Seller)

“Overall a very good experience. Radman, White was both very professional and communication was prompt.” Dr. Scott Martin – Washington (Seller)