Finding a Dental Associate

Finding the right associate who will mesh with your personality and practice can be a time consuming process. We are working with young endodontists across the country who are seeking positions to associate with and become partners in established practices. We lecture at many of the endodontic residency programs throughout the US including the national meeting. In order to find the right associate/future partner for your practice, you can expect the following from us:

  1. We will meet with you and determine your economic readiness to take in an associate. It is important that a comprehensive evaluation of your practice be completed in order to determine the financial viability of adding an associate to your practice.
  2. When we meet with you, we will go through a questionnaire that addresses qualities you seek in an associate. Finding the right match is critical to both parties. We will create a profile of the person you seek that will include weighting of necessary characteristics.
  3. Once we have a profile, we begin by searching our own database of potential associates. We have built our database based on previous discussions with potential associates at national endodontic meetings, residency programs, and phone calls. Based on our discussions with these persons, we have built a profile of them and included it in our database so that we can match your requirements.
  4. We will advertise your practice in the JOE and other dental trade magazines. In addition, your practice will be included on multiple websites including our own. All advertising will be done anonymously to protect the identity of your practice.
  5. We will carefully screen any potential candidate to ensure they meet your requirements. We will discuss the candidate with you and determine your interest level before scheduling a mutually convenient meeting date.
  6. Once a potential associate has been identified and both parties are interested in moving forward, we will help you create an attractive offer based on current market conditions that still protects you. We will present the offer to the associate, explain all of its terms, and present the business case behind the offer. If there are any negotiations, we will act as an intermediary and give suggestions as to what is fair. Direct negotiations between the two parties can sour a relationship before it even begins.
  7. Our attorneys who specialize in dental practice transitions will create all the necessary contracts. A good attorney can cost you several thousand dollars to draft and finalize all the necessary contracts which can be more than our standard fees that include the contracts.
  8. If there is a future buy in or out after the associate period, all terms including price will be determined prior to the associate beginning work in the practice. All buy in/out terms will be included in the contracts. This is a critical point and we have seen many relationships that failed because all terms were not determined at the very beginning.

    For further information as to details and cost please contact us.