Is it time for an appraisal?

Dental Transition Specialist

There are many reasons to require an appraisal or valuation of your endodontic practice. This is usually required during the unfortunate circumstances of a practice or marital divorce. Occasionally a bank will require one as part of your financial statement prior to a large bank or refinancing loan. You will almost always need one when selling your practice, both to ascertain the practice value as well as for the bank that will finance your buyer.

While there are many qualified appraisers of dental practices, few if any have the intimate knowledge of an endodontic practice appraisal. As a result most others value an endodontic practice as a general practice and the market will not support this. We have created a detailed software program that is specific for an endodontic practice valuation. One of the highlights of this program is that it does not discriminate towards either seller or buyer, so that all are assured of a fair and impartial valuation. We are long time members and participants of the Practice Valuation Study Group as well as the national endodontic representative of American Dental Sales.

Many young associates recognize the value and need of an endodontic specific appraisal of a practice before starting an associateship with buy-in or buy-out provisions. This determines the fair market value of the practice before they come in and increase the value by their production. This frequently avoids confrontation and ill will about buy-in at a later date

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